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At Water Garden Gems, we have something for everyone!

Whether you are looking to purchase a beautiful Koi or Goldfish, some vibrant colored Water Lilies, stock up on food and filter media, or simply seeking something unique, you will never leave Water Garden Gems without finding something that catches your eye! Novice, Hobbyist, or Expert; we can cater to any need at any level!

For the novice:

Take a walk through our 3.5 acre display property, become inspired, and ask us questions! Our expert staff will be happy to help you start your journey into water gardening, no matter how small the project! Take advantage of our expertise; we will take the guesswork out by assembling water features of any size to your specification! We can do it all, or we can simply guide you; it’s your choice!

For the hobbyist:

We offer all of the staples of water gardening; fish food, automatic fish feeders, dechlorinator, algaecide, calcium remover, water clarifier, and more! We also carry a huge range of fish for your pond, allowing you to choose exactly what you want! If your pond needs any upgrades or adjustments, we are happy to help! We carry a wide range of add-on equipment to make your water feature even easier to manage–ask us questions!

For the expert:

We carry some of the best filtration, aeration, and pump systems in the world, designed specifically for large Koi ponds. No matter the size of your pond, we can design a top-of-the-line filtration system to better grow your Koi and preserve their colors–water quality is important! If you need premier Koi or Fancy Goldfish or hope to win a Koi Show, give us a call; we have sold many show-winners in the past! Our Koi are of the highest quality, whether you choose our Japanese, Domestic, or LongFin Koi. Our stock is unequaled–come see for yourself!

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