Water Garden Gems’ Partners

Since 1990, we’ve worked with many organizations and individuals for the promotion of Water Gardening and Koi Keeping; take a look below at some of our fellow water enthusiasts!


While many contractors claim to know how to build water features, few truly do, and many people unknowingly hire a company or individual who does not know the intricacies of building a proper water feature. Water Garden Gems keeps a list of contractors that we trust to do excellent work; our customers have used them for years and we’ve heard nothing but praise for them. These contractors work closely with Water Garden Gems and consult us on their projects–they know what they’re doing, and we highly recommend them!


Aquatic Landscape and Design

Led by Richard Brown, Aquatic Landscape and Design focuses on water features and the surrounding area. Richard has done fantastic work, and we highly recommend him for his expertise and knowledge!

Phone: (210) 325-8267


Water Features of Texas

Water Features of Texas, led by Mark Malesky, specializes in large-scale, real-rock waterfalls, streams, and disappearing features. We recommend Water Features of Texas for mid-sized to large statement pieces; click here to visit their website!

Phone: (210) 389-8672


E&A Fountains

Led by Eric and Amanda VonMinden, E&A Fountains specializes in fountain repair, but is also quite capable of repairing small-to-midsize ponds! We readily recommend E&A Fountains. Click here to visit their website!

Phone: (210) 557-0534

Our Valued Partners

Our fish breeders are among the best in the world, with fantastic reputations and stellar fish. It takes very high-quality fish to impress us, and these breeders have all exceeded our expectations. Take a look below!


Andrew’s Koi International

Our primary source for Japanese Koi, Andrew’s Koi International is recognized the world over for it’s excellent selection! Andy Moo himself joins us every Spring for our Spring Koi Sale! Click here to visit their website!


Laguna Koi International

A premier distributor of Japanese Koi for many years, Laguna Koi International breeds impressive quality fish, with deep, pure colors. Laguna Koi International is known throughout the country for their fish; click here to visit their website!


Blue Ridge Koi & Goldfish

Our primary supplier of domestic LongFin and ShortFin Koi, BlueRidge Koi are known for their vibrancy, especially in LongFin! Their LongFin carry themselves well and exhibit impressive fin length! Click here to visit their website!


Tank Hollow Fisheries

Based in Poteet, Texas, Tank Hollow Fisheries breeds LongFin with unusually long fins and tails, allowing them to gain their signature ethereal presence early on! Tank Hollow also breeds stock fish; click here to visit their website!


Water Garden Gems is involved with myriad water-based clubs in South Texas–check out some of our fellow pond-keepers!

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