LongFin Koi


LongFin Koi are instantly recognizable by their flowing fins and exaggerated tails, ensuring that these fish stand out from any other Koi! We carry some of the finest LongFin available in the world, available in countless colors and ranging in size from 4″ to a fully-grown 3′.


What is a LongFin Koi?

Long Fin Koi are, essentially, a cross between African Grass Carp and traditional Koi, inheriting the Grass Carp’s long fins and the Koi’s color patterns. Due to their recent surge in popularity, Long Fin Koi are now permitted and judged at many Koi Shows around the world–come and see us, we’d love to help you pick out a potential champion!

Interested in the history and more detailed information about these Koi? We encourage you to visit Tank Hollow Fisheries’ website for some great information!

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