Premier Equipment

We carry over a dozen brands of premier pond equipment at all price points, and we thoroughly test our products before selling them; by doing so, we ensure that we are only selling our customers the highest quality products available! We provide equipment for all sizes of water features, from tabletop fountains to multi-acre stock ponds, and our variety is second to none! Air systems, filter systems, a huge selection of pumps, and the largest collection of pond-related chemicals and treatments in South Texas! Whatever your need, rest assured that we have the answer!


Expert Advice

Our incredible variety of products would be pointlessly overwhelming if not for our expert advice! Our family lives, sleeps, and breathes water features, and any one of us will be happy to assist you in selecting the proper tool for the job! Whether you need a simple pump replacement or equipment for an entirely new pond, our fantastic staff will guide you through all of your options and help you make an educated choice. If you’re building a new pond, our team will assess your needs and assemble a fully custom system using equipment that best fits your water feature, not a generalized pond. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach; let us help you create something extraordinary!

Contractor Services

Water Garden Gems specializes in teaching our customers how to build beautiful water features, but we also have a list of contractors with whom we work closely, ensuring our customers are able to work with reputable businesses who know how to properly build water features. If you’re interested in contacting these gentlemen, give us a call!

If you’re a contractor in need of supplies, let us know! We’ve worked with many contracting companies to fulfill multi-thousand plant orders, large fish orders, and full system designs for many commercial properties! Click here for more information!


Japanese Koi

Not all Koi are created equal, and Japanese Koi are regarded as the best in the world. We carry only the highest quality of Koi, with deep and pure colors, clean lines, and healthy bloodlines. Our Koi are routinely scraped under microscopes, allowing us to not only observe their macrobiological health, but also their microbiological health. Our Koi range in size from 3″ up to 3′, providing you with an extremely wide range of choice!

Looking for LongFin Koi? We have those, too! Bred by Tank Hollow Fisheries, our LongFin Koi possess unequaled grace and beauty!

Aquatic Plants

We carry over 50 different colors of Water Lilies in both Hardy and Tropical fashion, with a variety of leaf patterns and colors, as well! If Water Lilies aren’t to your liking, we also carry over 45 different Bog Plants, each one with a unique shape and texture. Need an underwater grass? We have you covered! Both Anacharis and Hornwort will thrive in underwater environments! If you’re after something really special, consider adding a Lotus to your pond! With enormous blooms and hydrophobic leaves, Lotus are an incredibly unique addition to your pond! Whatever your plant needs, we can help!

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