Your fish net is a vital addition to your supply closet. A good fish net is of the proper size and material for your fish, and designed to prevent any sort of abrasive irritation. The weave and strength of a net are important as well; the net should be of a soft weave with flexible material (but not bouncy!), so as to reduce the risk of damage to your fish. The net should be flat, so that the fish does not get tangled, and the net diameter must always be larger than the fish in order to avoid potential injury. Choose your net wisely, and if you have any questions, let us know!

Pond cover nets are used for a variety of purposes, including predator prevention (cats, raccoons, various birds, etc.), and leaf maintenance. They work very well for either function, provided that the mesh of the netting is properly sized for your application. These nets are black, so as to blend in as much as possible with your pond. They are 3/8″ mesh and have added UV inhibitors for long life. They’re ideal for water gardens, ponds, small pools and hot tubs, swimming pools, tanks, and pens–call us with any questions!

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