One of the best ways to ensure water clarity for optimal enjoyment of your koi pond is to add a UV Clarifier to your system! If you have green water you cannot seem to control, adding a UV Clarifier will clear your water and restore beauty to your pond from now on; just change the bulb once per year!

Single-celled green algae requires light and nutrients to thrive. It is one sign that your pond is generally healthy, and is even a great food additive for farm animals, but it doesn’t do much for your overall enjoyment of viewing Koi! These small algae cells can pass through all conventional filters, so physically filtering them out is next to impossible. Passing them through a UV Clarifier, however, exposes the algae to ultraviolet light emitted by a specialized bulb, and kills the algae cells en masse. Once dead, the cells will group together and grow to a size that enables traditional filter systems to remove the debris. When properly sized, an Ultraviolet Clarifier ensures clear water year round!

*UV bulbs must be replaced every 12 months in order for the unit to remain functional.*

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