If you’re looking for a water feature for your yard, look no further!

One of the many great aspects of water features is their custom nature. No two water features are alike, and each system we design is custom tailored to the owner’s requests! Take a look below at some of the unique water feature opportunities we offer in our store!

Handcrafted copper fountains

Made by hand here at Water Garden Gems, these fountains are beautiful works of art. Crafted from copper, they will gain a beautiful patina after several years of use, lending even more character to what is a truly unique piece.  They are available in a variety of styles, from classic designs (such as the leaf fountain) to more contemporary ones (the Rain Rock Fountains), and we’re always adding more!

Each Rain Rock Fountain has entirely unique rocks–no fountain will ever be replicated again! Rain Rock Fountains are available in 1, 2, 3, and 5 tiers.

Leaf Fountains are brand new! We’re constantly designing new finials for them, so come into the store and take a look at what we’ve built!


We carry a huge assortment of high-quality, handmade glazed urns suitable for myriad uses! Our favorite use is, of course, with water. Urns such as these are commonly used to create Disappearing Water Features and, thanks to the wide variety of available styles, the feature will be entirely unique! Our urns range in size, from small 6″ tall wide urns to 5′ tall narrow urns, and they are available in sets! Most urn style/color combinations are available in three different sizes, ensuring that your favorite style will fit your space! We have too many Urns to display here, and too many styles to describe; if you’re interested in any sort of Urn, come out and shop our stock!

Concrete Fountains

From simple, raw concrete bubbling fountains to stained, 8′ tall multi-tiered masterpieces, our selection of concrete fountains is unlike anything else! We keep a wide variety of colors and styles in stock, but if we don’t have something you like, you may browse our catalog of designs. There are over 120 designs to choose from, and each design can be had in over 10 stain colors! For your convenience, our catalog also includes the dimensions and weight of each fountain, so come prepared–measure your area before you browse! Custom-ordering a fountain ensures that you get exactly what you want, and the fountain can even be drop-shipped directly to your doorstep for your convenience!

Universal Rocks

Want the look of real rock without the associated weight and difficulty? Come out and take a look at our Universal Rocks features! Taken from molds of real rock formations from around the world, these features consist of a foam base coated in a silica polymer, onto which real rock is then sandblasted. Not only is this design incredibly lightweight, it also ensures that the feature is incredibly durable while still maintaining the look of real rock–because it is real rock! The top layer of natural rock ensures that the color of your feature will not fade, no matter how long the sun hits it! Universal Rocks are available in hundreds of sizes, colors, and designs, ranging from small self-contained features to enormous multi-piece ponds! Come see what we have available; the variety will astound you!

Brushed Steel Fountains

Adding a bit of modern flair to the mix is our collection of Brushed Stainless Steel fountains. These fountains are available in multiple styles; some create an unbroken wall of water, while others flow water from one tier to the next with extreme precision. Due to their composition, these fountains will never rust or fade–the metal will remain brilliant for the entire lifespan of the feature! These fountains can be placed in a pond, or they can be used as the centerpiece of a Disappearing Water Feature–your choice! Our available styles are always changing, so come in and talk to us about adding a modern flair to your water feature!

Basalt Columns

These gorgeous Basalt Columns were designed specifically for Disappearing Water Features. Water flows gently down the front of each column, creating the soft sound of flowing water. Basalt columns are available as a set of three columns only, or as a “Complete Kit” that contains everything you need–basin, pump, tubing, and columns! Available in several sizes and quantities, Basalt Columns are a fantastic way to add a bit of flair to an area of your yard!

And much more!

We are always adding new and unique things to our store availability, and we can’t possibly share them all here! If you’d like to see the full number of available water features, come and visit us! Our features are spread out across 3.5 acres of displays, and a member of our family will be happy to assist you in finding what you’re searching for!

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