What’s going on at Water Garden Gems? Take a look below!

From huge family-oriented Koi Show Festivals to special weekend sale events, we always have something coming up! Scroll to see our events schedule, or give us a call–we’d be happy to help you RSVP for any of our events!

Fall Koi Show

We are excited to announce that the annual Fall Koi & Fancy Goldfish Show will take place on October 24th & 25th (2019)! This is a perfect opportunity to show your prized fish and maybe take home a trophy! We will be flying in certified Koi Judges to judge our competition. Our breeders will be coming out to Water Garden Gems and selling directly to the public, giving you an extraordinary selection of fish to choose from (and maybe enter in the show)! We will be joined by Andrew Moo of Andrew’s Koi International (a premier Japanese Koi supplier) and Vance Schultze of Tank Hollow Fisheries (a premier LongFin Koi supplier)!  This event will also mark the public debut of a fresh shipment of high-quality Fancy Goldfish–if you’re interested in joining our Fall Koi and Goldfish Show, please contact the Texas Koi and Fancy Goldfish Society!


We host and teach many Pond Seminars throughout the year in order to better educate our customers on all aspects of pond-keeping! If you’re interested in building a new pond or renovating an old one, our Pond Building Seminar is for you! This seminar focuses on the proper construction and design of a pond, including pump and filter choice! Already have a pond? Consider attending one of our specialty seminars (denoted in blue)! Specialty seminars center on a single topic designed to educate our attendees in the finer points of pond-care! Each year brings new seminars, so be sure to check out our schedule at the beginning of each year! Click here for more detailed information.

2019 Seminar Schedule

  • January 5th — Pond Building Seminar ($20 class fee)
  • February 2nd — Bog Filtration ($25 class fee)
  • March 2nd — Pond Building Seminar ($20 class fee)
  • April 6th — Disappearing Water Features ($25 class fee)
  • May 4th — Pond Building Seminar ($20 class fee)
  • June 1st — Living Swimming Pools ($25 class fee)
  • July 6th — Pond Building Seminar ($20 class fee)
  • August 3rd — Koi Care Expertise ($25 class fee)
  • September 7th — Pond Building Seminar ($20 class fee)
  • August 4th — Algae Control – what kind is it and how we can fix it! ($25 class fee)
  • September 1st — Pond Building Seminar ($20 class fee)

*Please RSVP for any seminars you wish to attend (no more than two weeks before the date of the seminar, please). You may call 210) 659-5841 to RSVP!*

Koi Events

We pride ourselves on our selection and quality of Koi, and our event schedule reflects this! Join us throughout the year for various Koi-centric events, but certainly don’t miss these two!

Andy’s Spring Koi Sale

Join us every April for a once-a-year opportunity! Our Koi breeders come to Water Garden Gems and sell directly to the public, enabling you to get first choice on some fantastic fish! Not only is the fish selection most impressive, but you’ll have the ability to meet the breeder of your Koi in person, and get their advice on which fish has the most potential! We are joined each year by:

-Andrew Moo (Andrew’s Koi International–Japanese Koi)

-Vance Schultze (Tank Hollow Fisheries–LongFin Koi)

While you’re here, take a stroll through our gorgeous property and maybe indulge in a bake sale item or two–we have various other small events going on as well!

2019 Spring Sale

  • April 13 & 14 — Andy’s Spring Koi Sale!


Every October, we host one of the largest Koi Shows in Texas right here at Water Garden Gems! Put on by the Texas Koi and Fancy Goldfish Society, this is an excellent opportunity to participate in a unique aspect of Koi-keeping! Fish from all over the state (and some from out of state!) are brought to the property and entered into the Show, where their various attributes are judged by professionally-licensed Koi Judges–a wonderful opportunity to see some amazing fish! Koi not your thing? Try the Fancy Goldfish Show! Taking place the same weekend, the Fancy Goldfish Show is an opportunity to enter your Fancy Goldfish and see the incredible range of Goldfish varieties! The Show is open to the public and anyone may enter! If you’re interested in entering your fish, you may contact the TKFGS here.

2019 Fall Show

  • (Date TBD) — Annual Koi and Fancy Goldfish Show!
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