How to: Pond Aeration


One of the often overlooked components of a healthy pond is aeration. Aeration comes from many sources,  such as waterfalls, fountain heads, aerator systems, and even wind. Koi require considerably higher oxygen levels than most fish, and the more oxygen in the water the healthier the pond. Oxygen has many benefits, including aiding in fish digestion, more rapid fish growth, more vivacious plant life, and less algae!

We recommend an aeration system for most ponds, but if your pond is especially large or contains Koi, an aeration system is of the utmost importance. Waterfalls do help aerate your pond, but tend to only aerate the top ~3″ of water, whereas an aeration system placed at the deepest part of your pond will aerate the entire water column. By pumping air throughout the water column, we can ensure that there are no “low oxygen” zones of your pond, allowing your fish to swim freely wherever they desire!

In the event of a pump failure, aeration systems can save the lives of your fish. If your water pump goes out in the heat of a Texas summer, your fish may only have hours to live without moving water. With an air system, however, your fish will survive several days with no water pump, giving you more time to discover the problem and fix it. Even purely as a backup, the value of aeration cannot be overstated!

We sell aerators and aeration frames for ponds of all sizes, from shallow ponds and tanks to multi-acre farm ponds! Our staff will assist you in choosing the optimal pieces of equipment, and then size up a custom system for your specific needs. Come talk to us about aeration; it makes a world of difference!

Air Pumps:

Air pumps sit outside your pond (at any distance from the pond) and push air into the pond via tubing. These pumps are available in a range of sizes, starting with small aquarium pumps to 200 liter-per-minute stock-pond-grade pumps (pictured here). We carry Hakko and HiBlow high-volume air pumps for larger projects; bring us your information and we’ll help you pick the right pump!

For smaller ponds, we carry many different setups: some have two outputs, some are adjustable flow, and some come with tubing and air stones in the box! Regardless of your pond’s size, we have something that will fit it perfectly!



There are many types of tubing, all of which are suitable for different purposes. Our weighted tubing (pictured here) is available in both 3/8″ and 5/8″ sizes and is, as the name suggests, weighted. This weight is the result of heavy-duty rubber that is built to withstand high pressures–this tubing is generally used in high-pressure farm pond or stock pond air systems.

Clear vinyl tubing (not pictured) is typically used in small, low pressure environments. This tubing is light and very flexible, making it easy to snake between rocks. It does not self-weight, however, so it is unsuited to long-distance underwater systems.



Once the air is pushed into the pond by the pump, it must be broken up into the smallest bubble possible. The smaller the bubble, the more easier the air is diffused. Air can be diffused through myriad different systems, but two methods stand out for their ease and design. Diffuser pads (pictured here) are rubber disks that are placed near the bottom of the pond. The rubber is full of precision-cut micro-perforations, resulting in very small bubbles. These systems are usually used for high pressure stock ponds aerators.

Air Stones (not pictured) are usually used on smaller ponds. These are small, perforated “stones” that create small bubbles. Air Stones are commonly used in aquariums, but we carry premier Air Stones that are built to last; we clean them in muriatic acid! Air Stones are available in several sizes to better suit your individual pond.



If you’re not sure if your pond needs an air system, we will consult with you and help you decide. Come in and see us; we’d be happy to help you size up an air system!

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